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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tulip Flowers delivered to work for a Valentine's Day gift.

Parrot Tulips
Tulips SpecialTULIPS for this Valentine'sDay.

Buy her 10% what you like and 90% what she wants!

Tulip Orders, 25 mixed or solid colors in a vase arrangement: $44.99 with pre-booking order now. Offer code Blogger.

Zen Tulips Design
Zen Tulips Design
Modern Frilled Tulips Design
Modern Frilled Tulips Design

The Zen Tulips arrangement $59.99 with this special (pictured in purple).

Dazzling french parrot tulips (modern, yellow design), mixed tulips for Valentine's day, slightly higher pricing.  Tulips have become the second most popular floral design for Valentine's in recent years. If she is bored of roses, tulips are your best bet; and less costly. We still offer the FREE DELIVERY on Friday to place of employment for Valentine's Day with all pre-booked orders. Call now for this offer and any questions. (844) 481-8116.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Zenscaping the Backyard for Spring- How to plant a flower garden.

Just a few pointers for the artistic in landscaping and on a budget... I'm asked a lot about backyard gardening and it's Spring and you are thinking it's time to start on yours:

Make your flower bed (s) three dimensional.

Find some old crates and a large unused plastic tray or pan to create a new level in the back of your existing garden. Bury these half way so it raises the level from 6 to 18 inches above the ground level. A row of plastic pet litter boxes works really well here (they will become hidden by plant growth). whatever shallow container you place on top of the half buried crate structure should hold 4 inches of soil- using cheaper top soil in here is just fine. Plants, especially annuals, come in enough good potting soil that using potting soil in the garden is a waste.  The front of this structure should be planted with something- annual or perennial- that will cascade down to the lower ground level, such as potato vine or pothos ivy in a shady location. In front of the half buried structure of crates plant something that will go tall, ornamental grasses for sunny gardens. Now you are ready with two different levels to plant in; for more interest expand the idea with more than one above ground level.

Plant taller clumps of flowers or ornamental grasses next to the structure and behind everything else in the garden. This perception of "stepping up" of the garden adds high visual impact.

Re-use something for a container garden.

An old metal washtub, dirty and rusted out, works perfectly (and is usually available at no cost by looking in dumpsters). On a bigger scale along the same line of thought, an old porcelain bath tub no longer in use is just perfect for backyard landscaping. The art of gardening is creating your own idea. Your container garden located somewhere in the backyard, on a stack of bricks if smaller, should contain some of the same flower and plants that you have used elsewhere in the landscaping or flower beds. This brings cohesion to the whole picture. Again, the rule of thumb for container gardening: something cascades down over the edge in one direction (ivy, potato vine). Something else tall is clumped to one side. In between are varying heights and different colors, and don’t use two colors of the same plant in one place, use different plants with different colors.

Annual vs. perennial.

The answer is in the expense. Your bigger idea should be perennials and shrubs, but leaving some space for annuals so its not the same flowers every year. Roes are no longer traditionally the star attraction in a garden, but just part of a bigger picture. Always do plantings or any bed or container with flowers and leafy plants that will be in their prime during different seasons. Each bed will have different flowers during different times of the year. Trees and shrubs and rocks give interest to the whole scene during winter months when the plants aren't the actors.

Where to start and Big spaces are harder to maintain.

Break them with walkways or a bench into smaller manageable units. Seldom is an area more than 30 square feet done well. Break up with stone paths through the center and don’t repeat both sides like a mirror. Each flower bed should be interesting when viewed from different angles in the yard, not one viewing location. If you don’t like the way your landscape looks… Clear your mind and walk with a can of spray paint pointed down through your yard ignoring everything already there, until you get to the back of your yard. And not in a straight line. Every 40-100 feet or so, make a 45 degree or more turn. The painted area you will dig up the grass and put in a walk of something later- bricks, gravel, wood planks, anything. That’s a good way to find your Zen path through your yard. Try it a couple times and see where you have the most paint landing. Maybe you have a primary path and secondary connecting avenues to create many smaller beds or featured attractions. Even when making your back yard for the view from a window, it should look it's best from the view  standing right in the center of it.

The best zenscaping of the backyard.

…In my professional opinion… is a plan incorporating water. Some pond or pond like device is critical as cross media. Second to that, to bring nature into the picture, a bird house, bird feeder or similar if you prefer the birds. Bigger yards should have one haven of aquatics and one of aviary. On a budget, the best fish pond is a huge container like an old unwanted bathtub filled with water. Pump/heater assemblies are easy to do if you want to have fish like Koi- my favorite. On the less expensive side, the container pond can be water plants. Don't like old bath tubs in your garden? Cover the view of it with stone.

Making something stunning requires an appeal to all the senses. obviously gardens are about what you see. Second, the smells of the pond and of the flowers are fairly obviously. Next, incorporate sound. It's so easy to do by picking some bamboo or metal wind chimes that you really have a fondness for and locating them somewhere in the whole landscape. Few of us can afford outdoor sound systems- but it’s a nice idea. A place to rest is core to the idea of landscaping and gardening, but buying a nice bench or outdoor table and chairs isn't always in our budgets. If so, buy those during off season when on sale. For the rest of us, you'd be surprised again by canvassing an alley of trash dumpsters what old broken wooden furniture is still useable as lawn chairs in the garden. It sounds so tacky, but with a little creativity, you'd surprise yourself.

Gardening is a hobby to show off your creativity and ingenuity, not your wallet. I surprise my clients how "cheap" it is to create an artistically stunning Zen-scaped back yard.

Need more guidance? Contact me. I'm available to help.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Valentine's Day pre-book sale; Order Now

Valentine's Flowers for delivery on valentine's day (tropicals)

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rainbow roses
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